Super Lenny bonus codes

Super Lenny bonus codes for super extra hours of fun

We at Super Lenny are always interested in giving our customers something new and super fun. And for some extra super thrill we want to offer you our Super Lenny bonus codes that can be used in any of our Super Lenny Casino Tournaments!

Be part of the best Casino Tournament ever!
How do I use the Super Lenny bonus codes for the Casino Tournaments?
These bonus codes are available both for the new registered users as well as the old ones who already have an account at Super Lenny’s.
Make sure to claim your online Super Lenny bonus code before your start with the registration process for the tournament
Make sure you follow the registration deadlines, since once the registration is closed, you won’t be able to enter any longer. Also, make sure you meet the Tournament opening time-frame. This is usually one or two days once the registration is closed.
Tournaments may lost from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks
We have bonus codes available for slot-machines tournaments, roulettes, blackjacks, card games.
The Tournament winners get automatic registration for a new tournament of their choice, and $500 bonus for each player.
These $500 can be used for the Super Lenny online games or can be withdrawn and cashed out. The choice is yours!

Super Lenny Bonus Codes
Wait no longer. Check out our available Super Lenny tournaments today. See if there is one matching your interests and availability and check out its registration and tournament details. Don’t miss such a great opportunity. Feel the adrenaline of the tournament games. Get ready for the best casino thrill ever!